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This evening, as lostsatyr and I were coming home from work, we turned onto our street to see two fire trucks right in front of the house next door. As we approached our house, a firefighter directed us away from the house - "We're just finishing up a house fire."

It turns out the house next door to us had had a fire. By the time we got here, the excitement was pretty much over, but we did see the firefighters knocking out part of the attic. Right now, the neighbors' deck is covered with debris.

What's going to happen to the house remains to be seen, I guess. I wonder if another rent-to-own outfit will take it over and remodel it, like they did this one. I suppose we'll just have to wait and see....

ETA: Apparently another fire just broke out in the attic next door. lostsatyr took a peek and says someone wentr up with a fire extinguisher.
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