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I haz a netbook!

After ogling lostsatyr's netbook for months, and going back and forth (and back, and forth...) on getting one, I took the plunge just after Xmas and got an EeePC 4G from Newegg.com.

Last night, it arrived.

I'm still amazed at how small and light it is - I could easily take this comp back and forth to the local library (where they have free wireless) when I start walking there again come summer. That's a big change from my IBM Thinkpad, which is a great machine, but too heavy (especially when you add in its attendant paraphernalia - mouse, power supply, etc.) to be hauling around for very long. It'll also be nice to take with me when we travel (because all I really seem to do when we're away is read my e-mail and LJ, which this little baby is perfectly fine for).

I also got an 8 GB SD card for it - hopefully that should be arriving from Amazon shortly.

Yay for lightweight and portable computing!
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