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This probably keeps me in business, but it's still irritating

If I ever find the person who had the "bright" idea to put TVs on three of the four walls of Athens, I will drag them out into the street and pelt them with books until they recant and actually reverse the decision.

One TV, I could see (because some people here can't live without the idiot box - sad but true), but three? One on just about each wall of the restaurant? We don't need that.

Athens is good food-wise, close, and has pleasant memories associated with it. But those TVs are blighting an otherwise lovely landscape. I really wish they'd ditch at least one of them, so you'd have a place to sit where you're not facing a screen playing something you don't want to watch, but is hypnotic at the same time.

Stupid TVs. At least at other places I've been to, they confine them to one wall. Not Athens. I wonder why?
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