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Home again, home again, jiggety-jog

So, we got back from our trip yesterday evening.

Our second day at the Faire was a lot of fun, especially since we got there early enough to see the very beginning of the story. We got to follow the storyline all day, which was very cool. Even though I knew what was going to happen, it was still fun. Poor Katherine Howard, though - I felt bad for her at the end.

I picked up a new Alison Weir book, Lady Elizabeth, about the early days of Elizabeth I. I've enjoyed all of Weir's previous books that I've read, so I anticipate that this one will be similarly enjoyable.

We got back to S & bonusparts's at around 9:30. I guess I was tired and not thinking too clearly, because I pretty much went straight to bed after giving bonusparts the pitcher lostsatyr and I had gotten for her and S. I also left the catnip that I had picked up for our fuzzballs and bonusparts's kitties in my "Faire basket." (more on that later)

The next morning, lostsatyr and I chatted with S and bonusparts before S left for work. bonusparts stayed a while longer to see us off, and as we were packing up the car, we discovered that bonusparts's kitties had found the present that "auntie ravensdaughter" had brought them - there was catnip all over the rug and lostsatyr's and my luggage. We managed to save some of it, at least. Oh, well, at least it was *very* well-received. :)

lostsatyr and I made our way back to Buffalo, with a stop in Henrietta for dinner and some shopping at our favorite anime store, Hammergirl Anime. After some scrumptious Indian food at Taste of India in Henrietta (one of the *BEST* Indian places around, IMnsHO), we headed home to Buffalo.

After we unloaded the car, I noticed Ari rubbing against one side of my (now-empty) duffel bag. Apparently, he was after the catnip I had packed in the side compartment. I retrieved the plastic bag of catnip and placed it out of harm's way, but then I noticed that he had his head buried in the main compartment - apparently, he could still smell the catnip ("I know it's there! I can get to it!") or he was getting high off the fumes...I'm not sure which. Anyway, he got revved up, and poor Kerrigan got the brunt of his reduced inhibitions - we had to separate them until he calmed down. lostsatyr and I stayed up a while after that, and then went to bed.

And I need to get started on the mountain of laundry from the trip....
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