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Vacation, day 3

We went back to the Smithsonian today to see Jim Henson's Fantastic World in the Ripley Center (next door to the Freer Gallery). It was quite an experience - if you're a Henson fan and can make it to the Smithsonian or one of the other museums the exhibit is going to be at (check the web page linked above for details), I very much recommend seeing it. There were a number of Henson "artifacts," from original storyboards to costumes from The Dark Crystal to a number of Muppets themselves. Unfortunately, there was no photography allowed inside the exhibit itself, so I have no pics except for a couple taken outside.

We also went to the Asian art exhibits at the Freer and returned to the Museum of Natural History so we could get some pics of the Hall of Mammals and the fossil exhibits (like the triceratops in its new, more accurate mount).

We went into Chinatown to have dinner, only to discover that our old favorite restaurant, China Doll, is no more. So we went to a place called "Wok and Roll," which serves Chinese and Japanese cuisine. Good Chicken with Black Bean Sauce and bubble tea.

Tomorrow, it's off to Maryland Faire!
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