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Vacation, days 1 & 2

The hotel has wireless, and I have Chidori (my laptop) with me, so I will be able to update.

We left home a little late on Wednesday (some stuff involving having to pack the cooler and me forgetting that my travel mug leaks when not kept completely upright. Having to clean spilled juice off the couch the day we left for vacation was not fun), but we made it to bonusparts's home with no significant problems. It was very nice to see her and S again, and we had a good time talking until far too late (sorry I kept you up, bonusparts!).

This morning, we got into Annapolis too early to check into the hotel, so we drove out to New Carrolton and took the Metrorail into D.C., where we spent the day at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. That was loads of fun, especially since they've done some revamping since we were last there. The new Hall of Mammals is really cool, and we also got to see a breathtaking exhibit of underwater photographs. And I got to see the Triceratops skeleton in its new mount! I did discover, however, that the blue whale model that used to be in the museum is no more. *sighs* You win some, you lose some, I guess.

We're debating between spending another day at the Smithsonian (as there are some pretty cool exhibits on display for a limited time) or doing our usual three days at the Renn Faire. At this time, I'm vacillating between the two - both have their good points. I guess we'll see how things go tomorrow. :)
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