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Toothache and other suckiness

I had a root canal done today, and am feeling the after effects. The slightest pressure on the tooth sends spasms of pain shooting through my jaw. Then there's a steady throbbing that fades away only slowly. Hopefully it will be better tomorrow. I don't really want to eat anything today, though. :-(

After my mom brought me home from the dentist, she insisted I help her with the medical translation she's been working on. I was reminded once again why I hate Microsloth Word. I put in the translated diagrams and the formatting went all to hell. Crap. And then I apparently lost some of the typing I'd spent days on last week. And when I tried to put it back in, the $#@&* thing wouldn't stop full-justifying! ARGH!!! I really wanted to pick up the $#!++& computer and chuck it out the window, or, failing that, put my fist through the monitor. *Growl, snarl.*

I'm tired and in pain and generally not happy. But no one is going to do any of the things that need doing, so I guess I'm elected. After all, it's not like I can get the cats to do it...

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