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No more scones for Mr. Ari!

My big boy apparently ate a whole cranberry tea scone Sunday night.

On Monday morning, he climbed into the litter box while I was cleaning it, as is his wont sometimes. Figuring he needed to "christen" the box, I decided to wait until he was done before replacing the plastic rim, etc.

He did his usual digging and mewing routine, then all of a sudden...this burst of runny poo came out of him. He got some on the wall behind the box, some on the mat in front of it, and even some on me. The box itself looked like there had been a sudden cloudburst (poo burst?) overhead.

He seemed fine after he did his thing, though I was less than happy about having to clean everything up.

I talked to lostsatyr before I went to work, told him what happened, and asked him to watch the big guy when he got home (as I had to work until 7). We figured it was probably the scone, but if he still didn't seem right after lostsatyr got home, we'd call the vet.

I'm happy to report that Ari is now back to normal - even to his bathroom habits (yes, I watched him in the box yesterday). But no more scones!

Note: The scones have half-and-half in them, and I've read that dairy can cause diarrhea in kitties. Maybe that was the trigger?
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