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I hate Microsoft Word

I also hate my father's trackball and having to use it to edit schematics.

A bit of background -- I spent the past week helping my mother with a translation of a medical manual from Japanese into English. Well, she actually did the translating, I just typed and edited (English is not my Mom's first language, so her sentence structure gets...peculiar sometimes...).

My parents both have Microsoft Office. I use WordPerfect for Windows. Microsoft Word is, quite frankly, a piece of garbage compared to WordPerfect. And it's just different enough from WordPerfect to trip me up. I'm going to spare everyone the gory details of trying to edit tables in Word, because I don't want to remember too much of that ordeal, and I'm not going to make my wrists hurt even more by typing it out.

This afternoon, I got to change the Japanese labels on a bunch of schematics to English ones. For those unfamiliar with this, it involved scanning the pics in as GIF files, then using the little exacto-knife tool in an image editing program to trim out the Japanese text. Then I got to try and fit the new English text into the spaces alloted. Whee. And when you add in that my father has to use a trackball instead of a mouse, and I can't get fine control in the image-editing program at all with the stupid thing, you might understand why I got frustrated. As I told my husband later, I kept thinking to myself, "Do not bang head against monitor...do not throw up hands in frustration, scream, and run out of the computer room...do not scream at Mom..." *sighs*

Oh, well, it's over now. Thank the Goddess for small favors.
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