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I never thought I'd be happy to say this

...but I'm now missing a tooth.

Well, maybe I should say that I'm not missing it. :)

Yes, the rest of the Tooth from Hell got extracted this morning. I'm still a little woozy from the anesthesia (after all the pain and suffering I had with that little bugger, I decided on the intravenous sedation instead of the local), and I'm going to have to be careful of what I eat for the next week or thereabouts, but I'm otherwise OK.

The next step is to wait for it to heal enough (six weeks or so, according to my dentist) for the next step of the process (probably a bridge, but we'll see).

At least it's out. No more recurring infections, no more pain from the root being close to the sinus cavity, no more problems with it in general. In light of that, loosing it was rather a small price to pay.
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