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Adventures in dentistry

Remember my entry about this tooth?

I had my appointment with the endodontist today. It turns out that even another root canal won't save it - it's going to have to be extracted. *sighs*

Apparently, when my previous dentist was doing the original root canal, he perforated the root. *double sigh* The endodontist explained that the least painful and least expensive thing to do is extract the sucker and put in a bridge.

I have to go back to my regular dentist on the eleventh and get the little bastard pulled. *triple sigh* Looks like lostsatyr and I ought to remember to get pudding and Spaghettios the next time we go grocery shopping.

Oh, well - at least with the little sucker gone, I won't be having any more problems with it. I'm just not looking forward to the extraction.
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