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Weekend idyll

lostsatyr and I enjoyed a lovely idyll with ramius_rathorne this past weekend.

I had so much fun!

On Friday, ramius_rathorne arrived, and we got to talk a little while before he went to visit one of his former clients who now lives in the Buffalo area. When he returned, he, lostsatyr and I went out for Thai food and talked some more. Then we stayed up late catching up and reminiscing.

On Saturday, we enjoyed waffles (made by lostsatyr), and then went out to SUNY Buffalo so that I could run my Werewolf: The Apocalypse RPG, where ramius_rathorne played a one-shot character (because I really miss playing RPGs face-to-face with him). A good time was had by all, with a great big dust-up at the end of the session. By the time the game was over, everyone was hungry, so lostsatyr, ramius_rathorne and I went off to Cheeburger Cheeburger for supper. Then we came back to our house and chitchatted and reminisced even more. lostsatyr went off to bed while ramius_rathorne and I stayed up and talked a wee bit more before turning in.

On Sunday, we made a road trip to the Rochester area. We first stopped at Crazy Egor's, where ramius_rathorne found a cool board game called The Great Space Race. As it was too large to fit in his luggage, Crazy Egor was happy to ship it to him. Now that's customer service! :)

After Egor's, we went to Hammergirl Anime in Henrietta, where I blew through the rest of my wad of cash. ramius_rathorne and lostsatyr also came back with goodies. Then it was off to Taste of India, where we enjoyed some absolutely scrumptious food. Yum! To the surprise of absolutely no one, we spent the day talking about all and sundry as well, and did that some more after we came home.

On Monday, ramius_rathorne had to leave, but not before we got some more time to shoot the proverbial breeze.

It was such a fun weekend - I only wish it hadn't been over so soon. As ramius_rathorne said more than once while he was visiting, "Time flies when you're having fun." :)
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