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Vacation 2007, Days 4 & 5 (a/k/a, Maryland Renn Faire, Day 3 and homecoming)

On Labor Day, we checked out of the hotel and went straight to the Faire. We saw the "Super Stupina Show" (in which Stupina tries to be a superhero), caught Hey, Nunny Nunny again (and *this* time I was able to hear better and get some pictures), and rewatched the Chess Match (with better seats this time). It was much easier to understand the Chess Match without having to filter out the extraneous noise from the tavern. And this time, I noticed that Katherine Howard made an appearance in that particular performance! Setting up for the next wife...smart move!

I found some thank-you gifts for bonusparts and S. - a pair of mugs. One says, "Insolent Minion" and the other says, "Disgruntled Minion." lostsatyr and I told them that they can decide which of them is "Insolent" and which, "Disgruntled." :) From what bonusparts told me, it might vary from time to time. :) After we returned to bonusparts's and S.'s house, we watched a movie with them for a while and then went to bed.

After breakfast this morning, lostsatyr and I loaded up the car, said goodbye to S. and bonusparts, and headed back to Buffalo. We got into Buffalo proper about 5:15 PM, stopped at the grocery store to pick up milk and some cereal for lostsatyr, then got home about 5:30, unloaded the car, and fed the kitties and then had dinner ourselves.

So, I had a good time. I'm looking forward to next year!
Tags: maryland renn faire, renn faire, vacation
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