Ravensdaughter (ravensdaughter) wrote,

Vacation 2007, Day 3 (a/k/a Maryland Renn Faire, Day 2)

Today, we got to the Faire early enough to catch the Royal Arrival. Yay! It was really very cool to see King Henry VIII arrive on horseback. lostsatyr even got some pictures; I'll have to post them when we get them downloaded off the digital camera.

We started off by taking in the Punch and Judy show - people performing instead of puppets. Most entertaining. :)

Today, we followed the Royals around. I got to see Henry meeting Anne of Cleves. Knowing the history, I knew what was going to happen, but it was still interesting to see how it played out. Poor Anne of Cleves - one faux pas after another. Not recognizing His Majesty when he arrived in disguise, expecting Mary Tudor to be a little girl when Henry introduced "[his] daughter," and beating Henry in the chess match.

Speaking of the Chess Match, they had live combat as the "pieces" literally fought for their "spaces." Very neat, even if I had trouble hearing over the crowd at the tavern (lostsatyr and I had to sit in the "cheap seats" on the tavern steps for the chess match).

We also got to see Hey Nunny Nunny; they were very funny. (Look, I'm a poet! =) I'll have to make sure to catch them again tomorrow if I get the chance.

Near the end of the faire, the Royal appearances wrapped up with "Cromwell's Disgrace." I hope the actor playing Thomas Cromwell stays on playing another part; he's really very good.

I picked up a very pretty butterfly suncatcher for my mother, as well as a novel about Lady Jane Grey for me. Hmm, another addition to the library on Tudor and Elizabethan history - maybe I should try writing a NaNoWriMo story set in Tudor times.

I should note that mention was made during "Cromwell's Disgrace" about Henry visiting Katherine Howard. As I told lostsatyr, they're running out of wives...I wonder what they're going to do after they get to Wife Number Six?
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