Ravensdaughter (ravensdaughter) wrote,

Vaction, Day 1

We arrived at bonusparts's & S's yesterday evening. lostsatyr, bonusparts, S and I had a lot of fun playing on the Wii. I think I would have fun if lostsatyr and I had one. =)

bonusparts and I stayed up talking after the guys went to bed. It was a lot of fun, even if we were getting tired as the conversations wore on.

Today, lostsatyr and I talked some more with bonusparts and ended up going out to lunch with her before we left for Annapolis.

We arrived at the hotel with no significant problems (though we did lose our way once).

Our hotel room is a "suite" sort of setup, so we have our own kitchenette with stove, full-size fridge, sink, cabinets and dishes. This will be nice for us, because we won't have to hurry down to get breakfast before we go to the Faire.

lostsatyr and I had dinner at the Cheeburger Cheeburger in Annapolis (something of a tradition with us). I had a Cheeburger and a cookie dough malt. It was so very very good. :)

Tomorrow, Ren Faire!
Tags: maryland renn faire, renn faire, vacation
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