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What's been going on

Not a whole heck of a lot, actually. =)

Our "auxiliary" refrigerator in the basement (the one we inherited from lostsatyr's parents when they got a new one a few years back, and that's probably nearly as old as I am) had been failing for a while, and it finally bit the dust a week or so ago. This past Sunday and Monday, I cleaned it all out, and it's now sitting open in the basement until we can get it taken away.

We were orginally going to get a new (full-size) fridge for the basement, but after goggling at full-size fridge prices, we thought better of it. We discussed getting a freezer, but concluded we really don't need the extra freezer space since lostsatyr has stopped freezing the stuff he gets from the Farmer's Market.

We'd also decided to look for new window treatments (as the blinds that had been in some of the windows no longer fit after we got the new, energy-efficient windows put in a few years back), and found some very nice shades (the ones with the diamond pleats, if you've seen them) for the dining and living rooms. They look very nice. And they were on sale! *does the happy dance* We're going back this evening to pick up some more for the window on the landing and the one in the computer room.

After we got home and lostsatyr put up the new shades, we talked and figured out that we could probably just get a small stand-alone fridge and be fine. So that's good, too.
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