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Farscape series finale

And so passes my favorite show.

Damn, what a way to end it. "To be continued," indeed. My suspicion is that this ep was meant to be the season finale, thus the cliffhanger.

We need a movie.

This series has to have been the best Science Fiction I've ever seen. And that includes Star Trek in any of its myriad incarnations, Babylon 5, and the recent Star Wars movies. No contest. And all you fans of the aforementioned shows/movies -- my mind is made up. So don't bother trying to persuade me otherwise -- you'll be wasting your breath. :-)

Why do all the shows I like get canceled, while they leave utter dren like Survivor or American Idol on the air? Probably 'cause TV has to appeal to the lowest common denominator. *grr*

So I'm lifting a metaphorical glass to Moya and her crew. May they enjoy many more adventures somewhere...

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