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An art festival, a Bunny Dog, and friends

lostsatyr and I went to the Allentown Art Festival yesterday with D., a friend we haven't seen in quite a while. We had lots of fun, saw many pretty and interesting things, and caught up a lot.

I found a very pretty malachite necklace at one of the stalls; it ended up coming home with me.

When we stopped for something to snack on (lots of walking at the Festival), the guys got hot dogs; I decided to try something called a "Bunny Dog," which was a carrot marinated in brown sugar and then cooked on the grill. It was very good!

After the festival, we went to Jasmine Thai amd talked some more before we took D. home.

It was a very good Saturday - and what's more, we're making plans to get together again! Yay!
Tags: allentown art festival, friends, local events
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