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My computer situation is looking up

USANotebook sent an e-mail that my order shipped today. With any luck, I should have a working laptop (with DVD drive and USB port) sometime next week. *bounces*

My desktop is running ever so much better since I installed and ran Ad Aware Personal SE (at least something good came of the whole "Strikeout 2007" mess - I got rid of some spyware!). It actually shuts down all the way now. Yay!

lostsatyr ordered some wireless cards that are compatible with Win95, which means I'll be able to use one of them with my P1 laptop. Coupled with our new wireless router, this means I will be able to surf the WWW with the P1 (Back when I bought it, I had a choice of a networking card or a modem. Guess which one I picked....)! Well, at least in our house, anyway. Hello to posting with the laptops! *does the happy dance*

Now all we need to do is get our cranky cobbled-together P2 desktop to work better, and we're all set. Maybe I'll try running the spyware-detecting program on it....
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