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Queen of the Damned

My S.O. and I rented Queen of the Damned the other day, and watched it last night.

Apologies to anyone who liked it, but I thought it was pretty awful. It bears almost no resemblance to the book, Stuart Townsend is kinda ugly as Lestat (but at least Armand looks more like I imagined him this time 'round -- sorry to any Banderas fans, but Antonio in Interview With the Vampire was just not how I pictured Armand at all), and is it just me, or does the actress who plays Jessie bear a striking resemblance to Alyson Hannigan as Willow in Buffy The Vampire Slayer in a number of scenes?

I had more fun watching the deleted scenes on the DVD. Those SOBs in editing cut almost all of Claudia (Pandora) Black's scenes, damn them! I am so pissed! Talk about a waste of talent (not to mention she looked damn good in that sari...:)). And I think the scenes with the Ancients should have been left in, because then things would have made more sense. The little placards on the DVD claimed they had to cut things to make the movie easier to comprehend, but IMO cutting some of them made it damn near incomprehensible.

Bottom line -- maybe worth the ($5.00 in Buffalo, NY) rental price (for the DVD only), but I'm sure glad I didn't pay any more for it.
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