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Halloween 2006, et.al.

So, last night, we got a number of trick-or-treaters. Actual trick-or-treaters, not individuals without costumes who look like they probably live in a college dorm, demanding candy as if it's their right (thanks to uncacreamy for that last bit; it was so apt I had to quote). Even a number of older kids put in some effort, which was good to see. And a number of the smaller kids were adorable. :)

Predictably, lostsatyr and I went through the three bags of candy we'd bought by about 8 PM last night. I even threw the lollipops I picked up over the summer and some candy from my purse into our witch's cauldron. Well, at least it's being enjoyed. :)

Had a costumeless "trick or treater" old enough to grow facial hair demand two Skittles. He got two of the Starbursts I'd pulled out of my purse. :p You get demanding, you get the crappy candy. Maybe next time you'll at least say, "please."

And, changing the subject, today, I embark upon NaNoWriMo. Marathon writing sessions, ahoy!
Tags: halloween, holidays, nanowrimo, nanowrimo 2006
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