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So, lostsatyr and I went to the PA Renn Faire this past weekend.

I had a marvelous time at the Faire - they had a Halloween theme going, so we got to see the Demon Knight vie for Queen Elizabeth I's hand (along with Sir Robert Dudley and the Duc d'Alcenon) at the final joust, and many of the merchants were wearing their Halloween-y best - though the gal at the wine seller's with the vampire fangs in did throw me for a loop.

The final joust had a number of cool special effects, like the Demon Knight riding through fire when he made his entrance, and some explosions during the joust itself.

We also got to see the Wench Auction; I didn't get any of the folks I bid on, but oh, well.

I came home with a green kitty (stuffed) with faerie wings and a little tiara, a sheep (stuffed), and a pewter unicorn pendant. It was cold at the Faire, even in the cloak I brought, so lostsatyr was nice enough to get me a warmer one. I ended up wearing them both and was pretty much OK, at least while the sun was still out. Must remember to wear my Faire boots the next time we try this, though - my ghillies are comfy, but not warm.

Once paired with the Faire outfit, the hat I made did not look quite as silly as I thought it would while I was working on it. I think I might trim it down some before the next time it gets trotted out, though; it stuck up a bit too high for my tastes.

I think the stupid hotel mattress, coupled with most of a day in the car, caused my back to get out of joint, though; it's been hurting since this morning. I went to the chiropractor earlier today, and he has me putting cold packs on it; they really do help, but then they wear off and I hurt again. :( I should be feeling a little better each day, though.

As we were returning to the hotel from the Faire, the fellow in the toll booth noticed our NY license plate and asked us where in NYS we were from. When we told him, "Buffalo," he returned, "And you came all this way just to go to the Renn Faire? You're nuts!" :) Laughing, I told lostsatyr we should have told him we've also gone to MD to do the Renn Faire there. Yep, we're Faire geeks. :)

(Note to bonusparts and S - the Faire is in Lebanon, so I think we were a little closer to you two than we originally thought. Maybe we can take the two of you sometime.)
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