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Maryland Renn Fest 2006, Day 1

I'm writing this in Notepad because the wireless access here in the Worst Western Annapolis sucks donkey schlong. The next time lostsatyr thinks about staying here, I'm going to remind him about how this place put us in a smoking room in '04, and has lousy net access and a lackluster breakfast area (to paraphrase willowriversong).

Enough about the iffiness of the hotel. We went to the Maryland Rennaisance Festival today, and had a grand time. lostsatyr and I saw Shakespeare's Skum doing "Tag Team Romeo & Juliet" and "Othello: A Really Bad Day" (the Skum doing the afore mentioned plays in thirty minute comedic sketches). They were as hysterically funny as I remember them being from last year. I especially liked the guy playing Iago in the Skum's version of Othello - he was a bad, bad bad boy! *spanks himself repeatedly*

A number of pretty things parted me from my money - a new purple unicorn puppet, a silver moon angel ear cuff, and a pretty tray for my mom (I having been requested to return with something for her). lostsatyr was also kind enough to purchase a cloak for me where he bought a pair of wrap pants. The cloak is a lovely shade of green (and will match the outfit I'm planning to wear tomorrow), while lostsatyr's pants are black with a very pretty design of gold Asian dragons and red flames. I think we shall have to make him a red shirt to go with the pants sometime. :)

I also discovered how to achieve the proper effect with my blue leather bodice - it involves loosening the shoulder ties so it sits lower. Yay me! This means I do not have to have it taken in (a potentially expensive proposition, as it's leather).

After the Faire, we adjourned to the hotel for a while to rest, and then went to Cheeburger Cheeburger for milkshakes. They were very good, but I think that next time, I shall get the smaller size - the regular one was rather daunting.

Must remember to stop at the book shop at the Faire tomorrow; Eleanor Herman has a new book out - Sex With the Queen - and will be autographing copies tomorrow. I really enjoyed her previous book, Sex With Kings, so I want to pick up this one as well. I might also treat myself to The Six Wives of King Henry VIII, by David Starkey - I really enjoyed it when I took it out of the library last year, and the book shop here has it in paperback.

I grow tired...time to stop writing and get ready for bed.
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