Ravensdaughter (ravensdaughter) wrote,

Vacation, all I ever wanted

We made it to bonusparts's place with no significant problems. She and her S.O. have a nice house in a nice neighborhood. We got to walk around the neighborhood a little yesterday when we went to get some bread and cereal (having forgotten the bagels and bread we bought in Buffalo).

Today, we went to Baltimore to pick up willowriversong and her S.O. and took them to Annapolis. Tropical Storm Ernesto has been dumping a great deal of rain on us, but we're otherwise good. I just hope that we don't get drenched while we're at the Faire. *crosses fingers*

We had lunch at Cheeburger Cheeburger - I had a cheeburger with lots of toppings and a peanut butter cup malt, and shared some fries with lostsatyr. Omygodsoveryverygood.

Tomorrow, we take willowriversong and her S.O. to the Renn Faire! I finished my garb the night before we left, and just finished my hat today. :) So I will be all dolled up for the Faire in new garb - yay, me!
Tags: maryland renn faire, renaissance festivals, renn faire, vacation

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