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Puritanical RPers (Warning -- Rant)

Yeah, the title just about sums it all up very nicely.

A little background: I play in a "Changeling" Play-by-E-mail game (well, actually, I play in two, but I only have problems with the one).

I play a male sidhe in said game (yes, I'm female, but I'm playing a male character. Your point? :)). My husband is playing a male satyr. As seems to happen sometimes when two players are involved IRL, our characters have become "very good friends," to use the media's term (thanks to Richard Pini for the reference...;-)). There is also a female nocker who has a crush on my character. Now, neither the satyr nor the sidhe would be terribly upset if the nocker also became a "good friend," but apparently some of the other characters think it would be "messy and ugly." *sighs*

It makes matters more distasteful for me when I consider that one of the aforementioned characters is playing a gay female sidhe. It's apparently all right for her character to be a lesbian, but she thinks what my character and my husband's are doing is "creepy," at least IC. Excuse me? Hello, don't you think your character, of all people, would be a little more understanding?

I am so sick and tired of the puritanical attitudes that seem to permeate the players and GM of this game. The GM even tried to deny that satyrs are about SEX (and now that I've got your attention...;-)). "No, they're not about sex, they're sages, really..." Yeah, just keep telling yourself that, and I'm sure you'll believe it. But I don't. And anyone without blinders on wouldn't either.

What these people (or maybe just their characters; I really hope it's just their characters) just don't seem to understand is that there is more than just romance or intimacy to a relationship -- things like being able to talk to people, to feel comfortable with them, to understand them and have them understand you. So far, my sidhe has only experienced this with the satyr, which is why he's turning to him, and not the nocker.

Every time I think I'm enjoying that game, something comes up and leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If I didn't like the GM, I'd have left long ago. At this point, though, I still may...

OK, rant mode off. Hope any RPers out there are having more fun in whatever game they're playing in than I am in this one...
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