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Kerrigan's doing much better, though she hates having to take her medicine. At least we've only got a few more days to have to give it to her. Then she can spend the night downstairs with Ari again, and we won't have a kitty-girl walking on us at 5 AM.

The trip to Chinatown went mostly well, despite me nearly forgetting my ID (good thing I stopped at the bank!), our being stuck in traffic on the QEW, and getting rained on as we went to lunch. And the parking ticket we found on our way home. :(

We got a lot of nice things (lostsatyr has a list here). The new DVDs necessitated rearranging the anime section of our DVD library, of course, but all's good now. I don't know when we'll find time to watch them all, but there are worse things than being backlogged on DVD-watching. :)

I also went shopping on Amazon (making use of the gift certificate I got for my last b'day). With luck, I should have the first season of American Dad; the soundtracks to Noir, Sakura Taisen: The Movie, and Heat Guy J; and Ceres: Celestial Legend Volume 14 (the manga) in my greedy little hands in a couple of weeks. :)

This coming Sunday, we're going to the Sterling Renn Faire!
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