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This past weekend

bonusparts came to visit Buffalo on Saturday and Sunday, and we had a lot of fun. It's very nice to talk to her face-to-face as opposed to via e-mail or LJ, or on the phone; it makes me eager to see her again when lostsatyr and I go to visit her and her fiancé in September (though she may make a return trip to Buffalo in August if things work out).

The five of us had dinner at Red Lobster on Saturday; it was quite good. Love those cheddar cheese biscuts! :D

I had fun telling bonusparts about the funny story the chaplain told in his homily at the Farewell Mass for Villa Maria Academy. We both got a laugh over it. And I'm very glad she liked the VMA water bottle I got for her. It was so cute to see her go, "Awwww...." when I handed it to her.

Sunday, we had a Father's Day cookout. Kudos go to bonusparts for building the fire and cooking the sausages!

My dad was pleased with his gift, an outdoor fireplace, though he really had my mother panicking when he built up the fire. *sighs* My dad's a big kid sometimes. :/

lostsatyr had to go to work Monday morning, so he left around 9:30; I stayed and talked some more with my family in general and bonusparts in particular until about 11:00.

It was a nice weekend.
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