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And so, an era ends...

Saturday, I went to the Farewell Mass for my old high school, Villa Maria Academy (they're closing forever this month).

After the Mass, we were allowed to walk around the school and the athletic center one last time. I took a number of pictures; looking at them on the computer today, I had this sense of melancholy.

I guess people are right when they say you can't go home again...I will miss Villa a great deal - I always wanted to teach there, or, failing that, send my (future) daughters there.

They were selling some VMA memorabilia at the breakfast following the Mass - I picked up a number of things to remind me of my Alma Mater even after it's gone.

Some people might think I'd feel deprived for attending a girls' school. I don't - some of my best memories were made at Villa Maria Academy. From Freshman Welcome, through Junior Ring Day, to the Baccalaureate Mass and Graduation, I have many good memories of my four years there.

Goodbye, Villa. I'll miss you.
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