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Cleaning the Chiropractic College

My aunt is on vacation, so I'm taking her place helping my mother with janitorial work until my aunt gets back.

Last night, my mother and I cleaned the Chiropractic College (we'll do there tonight as well), with a stop at the office my dad cleans to clean the bathrooms for him (apparently, he doesn't like to clean the bathrooms - I don't know why). It wasn't so bad, mostly because after I subbed for my father last October, she apparently trusts me to do the job and doesn't feel the need to follow me around and check up on my performance. :)

Tuesday will be a real killer, though - she and I have to do two other places in addition to the Chiropractic College, and help my father at the place he cleans. I suspect I'll want a nap next Wednesday before work. ;)
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